2020 McDonald's Queensland Championships


Date & Venue:

Saturday 12th December

Brisbane Aquatic Centre

Sleeman Sports Complex, Chandler




1) Must be a memberof a Wide Bay Club.

2) Must have swum at a minimum of 3 WB meets since Region Relay 2019 - 14/12/19 (including 2020 WB LC Champs).

3) Must have also swum at one of the following events - 2019 Wide Bay LC Championships, 2020 Wide Bay LC Championships or 2019 Wide Bay SC Championships.

4) Must have an approved long course time.



The fastest 2 swimmers in each stroke, gender and relay age group will be selected to represent Wide Bay at the Region Relays in the Medley relay event.

The fastest 8 swimmers in freestyle, gender and relay age group will be selected to represent Wide Bay at the Region Relays in the Freestyle relay event.

Times must be swum 14/12/2019 – 15/11/2020 and the above criteria must be satisfied, times swum at an approved Wide Bay Meet up until 22/11/2020 will also be considered.


Relay Teams:

2x Girls 11-12, 2x Girls 14&U, 2x Girls 15&O

2x Boys 11-12, 2x Boys 14&U, 2x Boys 15&O

Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions Swimming Qld have made the difficult decision that there will be no 9/10yrs relays this year.


Team Managers:

Team Manager: Lila Robertson

Team Manager: Everlyn Druce

Relay Clinic:

Wide Bay Swimming will be running a Relay Clinic from 2pm on December 5th at St. Andrew’s Aquatic Centre. All swimmers selected including reserves are invited to attend. RSVP for the Relay Clinic is due 5pm Monday November 23rd.



November 23rd. Due to SQ requiring Team Nominations to be submitted by November 24th there is a short RSVP window. Please mark your calendars and keep an eye on our website and social media. If you do not submit an RSVP on or before 5pm on the 23rd of November another swimmer will be offered a place on the team. When RSVP’ing please include ‘Relay Acceptance *Girls 11-12 Sarah Jones’ in the subject line, and also include your RSVP to the relay clinic in your email to nominations@widebayswimming.org.au



TEAM SELECTION: Team Lists released on website and social media by 5pm 22/11/20

TEAM & CLINIC RSVP DUE: 5pm 23/11/20

RELAY CLINIC: Please save the date for our WB Relay Clinic taking place from 2pm 05/12/20.

TEAM EMAIL: Further information will be sent to teams no later than 04/12/20.

UPDATES 22/11/2020 5.20pm 

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UPDATE 7.20pm

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