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Annual Review - Child & Youth Risk Management Strategies

As Swimming Queensland's Regional Associations and their respective clubs fall within the scope of the blue card system, all are required to implement child and youth risk management strategies which address eight minimum requirements. The purpose of these strategies is to ensure that organisations have appropriate policies and procedures in place which assist in identifying and minimising the risk of harm to children and young people in regulated service environments. These risk management strategies are monitored by Blue Card Services (Public Safety Business Agency) and, as mentioned above, MUST BE REVIEWED ANNUALLY BY ALL ORGANISATIONS. It is important that when organisations have developed their Risk Management Strategy it does not sit on a shelf: it should be a living, breathing document that is constantly referenced, as well as being reviewed annually.

To assist organisations to develop and implement appropriate child and youth risk management strategies, a suite of 10 online videos on the Blue Card Services YouTube channel and a Toolkit have been developed by Blue Card Services to provide information and guidance on the eight minimum requirements. I urge you to please view these videos and download and read the toolkit, which will help you and your clubs to provide a solid foundation for the creation and maintenance of a safe service environment for children and young people.


To comply with the legislative framework, a child and youth risk management strategy must include eight minimum requirements.


  1. STATEMENT OF COMMITMENT (refer pages 10 & 11 of Toolkit).  A statement of commitment outlines your organisation's commitment to maintaining the safety and wellbeing of children and young people. As an example, I have attached Swimming Qld's Statement of Commitment, which fulfils this requirement.
  2. CODE OF CONDUCT (refer pages 12-17 of Toolkit).  A code of conduct for interacting with children outlines your organisation's values and provides clear expectations for all stakeholders. Swimming Qld has adopted the SAL Codes of Conduct to fulfil this requirement.


  1. RECRUITMENT, SELECTION, TRAINING AND MANAGEMENT (refer pages 19-28 of Toolkit). Your organisation must have in place effective policies and procedures for recruiting, selecting, training and managing staff and volunteers.  Every organisation is different. Your procedures for recruitment, selection, training and management should be tailored to your organisation.


  1. HANDLING DISCLOSURES OR SUSPICIONS OF HARM, INCLUDING REPORTING GUIDELINES (refer pages 30-40 of Toolkit).  Your organisation must have policies and procedures for handling disclosures or suspicions of harm, including reporting guidelines, to ensure staff respond as quickly as possible to a disclosure, allegation or suspicion of harm. Swimming Qld has adopted the SAL Child Welfare Policy to fulfil this requirement.
  2. MANAGING BREACHES OF YOUR RISK MANAGEMENT STRATEGY (refer pages 41-44 of Toolkit).  A plan for managing breaches needs to outline the consequences for stakeholders if your policies and procedures are not followed. Swimming Qld has adopted the SAL Child Welfare Policy - General Information & Procedures to fulfil this requirement.
  3. RISK MANAGEMENT PLANS FOR HIGH RISK ACTIVITIES AND SPECIAL EVENTS (refer pages 45-52 of Toolkit).  When undertaking a high risk activity or special event, you are required to identify potential risks and to develop and implement an effective risk management plan to remove or minimise the risk of harm to children and young people. There is an Example Risk Management Plan for High Risk Activity on pages 50 & 51 of the Toolkit, and a Template Risk Management Plan for High Risk Activity on page 52 of the Toolkit.


  1. COMPLIANCE WITH THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE BLUE CARD SYSTEM (refer pages 54-59 of Toolkit).  It is necessary to outline policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the Blue Card System requirements under the Act. Your organisation's policies and procedures in relation to blue card compliance, together with procedures for review, must be incorporated in your child and youth risk management strategy. This section of the toolkit has an Employee Register template, which you can use.
  2. COMMUNICATION AND SUPPORT (refer pages 60-62 of Toolkit).  Your organisation must have strategies for communication of your risk management strategy and support, e.g. details of your organisation's risk management strategy or where the strategy can be accessed; training materials for employees and volunteers which help identify risks of harm and how to handle disclosures or suspicions of harm; and outline your organisation's risk management strategy.  The delivery of the information session/s for members that your club intends to conduct would be one of the strategies for communication and support. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your risk management strategy, you can contact Blue Card Services and ask them to look at it for you, and they will provide you with feedback on it. Their contact numbers are 1800 113 611 (freecall within QLD - calls from mobile phones may attract charges) or 3211 6999.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or queries. Thank you for your patience in reading this through to the end.

Kind regards

VICKI PATTEN - EVENTS MANAGER P: 07 3390 2011 L M: 0438 132 185 L Freecall: 1300 559 548 L F: 07 3390 2887

Online Swim Meet Applications

  1. The online form will now be filled out by the Club Representative (with the exception of Brisbane who have their own forms and Regional Championships).
  2. Regions will receive an automatically generated email when a Club in your Region fills out the form.
  3. Regions will only need to forward this automatically generated email to me (vicki.patten@swimming.org.au) detailing whether the meet is approved or not approved to complete the process.

Please see below the email contacts we currently have listed to receive these automatically generated emails.  If you wish us to change who receives these, please let me know and we will happily amend.

Could each Regional Association please email all the clubs in your relevant region with details of the new online process and how it will work, together with the link for the updated online Swim Meet Approval Request form - https://swimming-wgjjh.formstack.com/forms/swim_meet_approval_request_form.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further concerns or queries.  Thank you.

Vicki Patten l Events Manager

P: 07 3390 2011  l  M: 0438 132 185  l  Freecall: 1300 559 548  l F: 07 3390 2887 E: vicki.patten@swimming.org.au  l  W: www.qld.swimming.org.au


Safe Sport Framework  

SAL have released the Safe Sport Framework dated 29 July 2016 & covers the following:

To access this document please go to Resources/Policies. 


Beyond the Black Line

Beyond the Black Line is a swimmer driven clinic aimed at boys and girls aged between 13-18.

With members of the Australian Dolphins family as facilitators, sharing their own experiences and encouraging conversation, this FREE 90 minute clinic covers many issues young kids face today with swimming the obvious conduit. 

Topics covered include:  

Clinics are run separately for boys and girls with a preferred group size of no more than 30. All clubs hosting need are AV (computer, screen, sound) and a room. 

If you would like your club to access this FREE clinic, please complete this form and email it to info@australianswimmers.com.au 

For further information contact Jade Edmistone, Project Officer, Swimming Qld., P: 07 3390 2011/M: 0426 280 261/Freecall: 1300 559 548/07 3390 2887
E: jade.edmistone@swimming.org.au / W: www.qld.swimming.org.au 


Online Meet Entry (OME) & Results


Junior Dolphins

Junior Dolphins is an exciting swimming program which aims to increase overall participation in swimming in a fun & engaging way.  The program offers FREE MEMBERSHIP to all children aged 7yrs & U & half price membership to 8yr olds.  For further information click here 


Membership Registration




MyLane LogIn

The purpose of MyLane is to provide a personalised portal to all Swimming Australia members, allowing them to perform functions such as track race results, compare PBs against qualifying times for meets & JX, set personal goals & enter meets. Members will also be able to update their contact details & renew their membership form within MyLane.  For further information click here 


Volunteer Grants

The Australian Government is committed to working effectively with organisations to deliver valuable services for individuals, families and the community. This includes providing greater certainty for service providers to improve service delivery and enable them to continue to deliver the critical work that they do.

As part of a broad plan to boost productivity and remove unnecessary red tape for community organisations, the Department of Social Services (DSS) has seven streamlined grant programs aimed at enhancing service delivery and providing greater freedom for service providers.  For further information click here 




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On-line Meet Requirements for all clubs

Process has now changed; refer details below.

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Swim Meet Results

Please note the new email address when emailing results to SQ.

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